VAWA Green Card Approval in New Jersey


Karen M.’s VAWA petition was approved in New Jersey and she received her Green Card after all. Ms. M has sent us the following message:

“My name is Karen and thanks to the Attorney Andrew Wu, today I have legal status in this country. Andrew was the only one who told me that I had a good case when others had told me I didn’t. Andrew is always very positive and that attitude gained my trust. He and his staff guided me during the whole process and always responded to all my questions. Thank you Andrew and Wu and Hung Law for believing in me when not even I did.”

“Mi nombre es Karen y gracias al abogado Andrew Wu hoy tengo estatus legal en este Pais. Andrew fue el unico que me dijo que yo si tenia un buen caso y creyo en mi cuando otros abogados me habian dicho que no. El es siempre bien positivo y eso me infundio mucha confianza. El y su staff me guiaron durante todo el proceso y siempre respondieron a todas mis preguntas. Gracias Wu and Hung Law por creer en mi  cuando yo misma no creia.”