Holding your hands in emotional battles with your family members


Helping you to file divorce and attend family court hearings on your side.

Custody & Adoption

Helping minors and custodians in family courts for immigration reliefs.

Domestic Violence

Helping victims of domestic violence to get restraining orders and seek other related protections in family or immigration matters.

We understand that you are going through difficult transitions of your life.

Our lawyers and staff members would like to help your way to be as smooth as possible. Whether you are splitting with your spouse, seeking protection from your abusive spouse or partner, or even being abandoned from your parents, we are professional in dealing with your cases. Your story may involve tough details which cannot be handled with simple filing of papers. Our lawyers are dedicated in finding creative solutions for unconventional matters. Our team of experts speak your languages (Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean) to ease the stressful process. We have worked with numerous immigrants who are experiencing difficulties in family and related immigration matters. Call or email our office to see whether we can help you on your family legal matters. Your options are always open. Feel free to knock on our door to find yours.