Deportation Defense

Q. I received the notice from the immigration to appear before an immigration judge. What should I do now?

Before you go in front of an immigration judge, meet your lawyer to discuss about your case. There can be different types of immigration relief you can seek during your immigration court proceedings. We recommend you to act fast to retain a trustworthy lawyer who can help you and fight for you over several years. Depending on the caseload of each immigration court, your case will not be decided in a short amount of time. Moreover, you need a dedicated, attentive, creative, and knowledgeable immigration lawyer who gets proper immigration law training and updates on the new laws. Do not waste your precious time and money on random lawyers. Do your research and choose a lawyer who can take care of your case seriously. Call us or email us to speak to our lawyers who handle immigration cases with in-depth knowledge and care in immigrants.

Q. I was caught while I was crossing the U.S. border. And I received some papers upon being released to report to U.S. government. What should I do now?

Even if you got caught at the border, it is not the end until you are actually deported back to your home country. As soon as you are released, talk to your immigration lawyer to discuss options to ask for the U.S. government to keep you stay in this country. Depending on the "reason" for you to cross the border, you might be eligible to apply for an immigration relief. Call us or email us so that you will not miss any important deadline to file for your option to stay.