Real Estate

Wu & Hung Law helps buyers and sellers in real estate transactions in New Jersey.

Buying and selling a home or a commercial property can often be stressful without legal advises on important real estate related documents. Wu & Hung can help you prepare and review documents with the help of Spanish, Chinese, and Korean-speaking team of experts.

Our team provides you personal attention you deserve in closing. Our detail-oriented, friendly lawyers will be holding your hands to minimize any hassles in buying and selling a property.



Meet your lawyers before your closing

Andrew B. Wu, Esq. (吳浩碩)

Andrew B. Wu, Esq.

Partner Attorney

Licensed to practice in New Jersey.


Selena Hung, Esq. (洪銘英)

Selena Hung, Esq.

Partner Attorney

Licensed to practice New York & New Jersey.


Yu Yeong Jeon, Esq. (전유영)

Yu Yeong Jeon, Esq. (Elena)

Associate Attorney

  • Villanova School of Business
  • Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law
  • Licensed to practice in New Jersey
  • Speaks English and Korean

한국어 상담