Whether you’re starting a company or have already established your business, Wu & Hung Law can help you with your business-related legal needs, ranging from formation to capitalization and transactional services.

Business Formation & Filings (Partnerships, LLCs, Corporations)
If you are starting a company, Wu & Hung Law can help you with your business planning and in deciding which business entity (i.e. LLP, LLC, corporation, etc.) is the best for you in respect to limiting liability, protecting your assets, and filing taxes. We will also assist you in registering your company and filing permits and applications to ensure that your business follows all local, state, and federal regulations.
Drafting Corporate Documents (Shareholder/Operating Agreements, Resolutions)
Depending on which entity you have chosen for your business, you may be legally required to have certain corporate documents for your company, such as by-laws and shareholders’ agreements. Even if there are not such legal requirements for your entity, it is always a good idea to have, at the very least, a written agreement that outlines the roles and responsibilities of you and your partners/shareholders, as well as capital contributions and your rights and division of ownership. Wu & Hung can help you draft, review and negotiate shareholder agreements, operating agreements and resolutions to reflect you and your partners’ commitments to each other and to outside parties.
Equity and Debt Contracts
Are you thinking about buying or expanding your business? Or selling off or giving up a part of it? If so, you will need to involve yourself in a legal contract that will inevitably affect how much capital or debt you will incur, both on a corporate and personal level. Consulting with Wu & Hung will ensure that your interests are protected when business transactions will affect your bottom line.
Commercial Contracts; Nondisclosure & Non-Compete Agreements
Oftentimes in running your own business you’ll have to enter into contracts with other companies, such as vendors, suppliers, or joint venture partners. Wu & Hung Law can assist you to negotiate, draft, and review such contracts in order to best protect your business interests. We will also assist you in drafting and negotiating nondisclosure and non-compete agreements, in order toprotect your trade secrets and confidential information during your business dealings.
Buying, Expanding, OR Selling Your Business
Whether you are thinking of expanding your business or buying a new business, selling your own business, or merely taking on new investors, your will need to fully assess your business financials and legal status in order to fully protect your interests. Wu & Hung Law can assist you in evaluating the feasibility of such transactions, as well as with the negotiation and drafting of the necessary contracts, such as stock or asset purchase agreements, investment contracts, and equity and debt contracts. Wu & Hung Law will ensure that your interests are protected when these business transactions affect your bottom line.